You Must Have a Clear Vision to Make Money

You Must Have a Clear Vision

Do you have a clear vision?

What drives you?

What is your reason why?

This is your starting point.

What Do You Want?

You have to be specific. Exactly what do you want to accomplish and why?

Write it down!

 Work on it and tweak it until you are satisfied that this is what you want to

 You will know that you have found your reason why when you have an
emotional response just thinking about it.

You have to get very detailed:

  • If it is money – How much?
  • If it is a new car – What make and model, color, options?
  • If it is travel – Where would you go. What would you do there?
  • If it is a new house – How many bedrooms, location, style, color?

You get the idea. It has to be your vision.

You should be able to close your eyes and see exactly what it will be like to
achieve it.

Use all of your senses.

  • I can feel the warm sand between my toes…
  • I can hear the sweet sound of the engine revving…
  • I can see the smile on their face when I…
  • A sense of relief washes over me after I…

This is what will keep you going when difficulties arise.

And they will…

When they do, picture your vision in your mind.

When Do You Want It?

Equally as important as knowing your “why” is establishing a “when”.

 If you don’t have a specific time frame or date that you will achieve your vision,
it is to easy to put off doing what you need to do to be successful.

This will give you a sense of urgency.

 I am not talking about the kind of outside pressure that a boss or job would put
on you.

 I am talking about an eager anticipation to achieve your vision and how
exciting that will feel when you get there.

Benefits of a Clear Vision

 One of the main benefits of having a clear vision, is that it will help you to focus.
It is so easy to get distracted.

Focus is essential to your success. Everybody has the same amount of time…

Successful people use that time wisely.

 A clear vision will also give you that extra push to write that blog post when you
are tired, or make that video or send
out that email…


  1. Have a Clear Vision.
  2. Stay focused.
  3. Take Massive Action.
  4. Have Fun!

To Your Success,

Terry Loomis

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